A-Frame With a Vue

Reality Virtually Hackathon FTW! Recently I had the extreme pleasure and honor of working with a group of towering awesomeness, and we made something out of love with A-Frame that lets people give comfort and support to loved ones. In … Read More

VeeR Into is 1.0 and Ready to Go!

Be There, Anywhere After four months of development, shooting, and rigorous testing, we here at VeeR Goggles are proud to announce that VeeR Into, our Virtual Reality Tour site, is officially launched! VeeR Into lets you feel like you’re really … Read More

Welcome to the new VeeR Goggles!

This is the start of a new chapter for VeeR Goggles, as we wrap up our most recent VR prototyping phase for VeeR into, our VR CSI software, and look to roll out our alpha to local courtrooms in the coming weeks and … Read More