Be There, Anywhere

After four months of development, shooting, and rigorous testing, we here at VeeR Goggles are proud to announce that VeeR Into, our Virtual Reality Tour site, is officially launched! VeeR Into lets you feel like you’re really there, from your desktop, mobile phone, or Google Cardboard VR headset. Because VeeR Into was built to be used through a browser, there’s no app needed to download and enjoy the experiences, even in VR! Check out our Project Gallery to see just how versatile and easy to navigate our platform really is.

Virtual Reality for All

VeeR Into sprang from the belief that Virtual Reality could be a step toward real empathy and understanding in an increasingly isolated world. VeeR Into was initially developed for use by CSI investigators in jury trials for this reason, after it was certified as the only software package able to recreate a crime scene with perfect fidelity. From the success of those early prototypes, it was obvious that we had a tool that could transport people virtually anywhere a photographer could take a few pictures, and now we hope to help make Virtual Reality an accessible and vital part of our daily human interactions. From residential and commercial realty to non-profits, parks, tourism, news, and so much more, we hope to see VeeR Into grow into a tool that let’s people capture and share their piece of the world in a new, exciting way. That’s why when everyone else is making games and apps for $800 VR mega-systems, we rely on a $20 Google Cardboard and the smartphones in everyones’ pockets to provide a flawless VR experience, no app required.

Over the Rainbow

Currently, all of our Virtual Reality Tour experiences are hand-crafted, and if you’re interested in hiring us for a gig please reach out to me at If you’re a photographer who’s interested in Virtual Reality and panoramic photography, we have a Kickstarter launching in the next few weeks that we think you’ll be excited to hear about, and hopefully support, that will empower you to create content for platforms that until today didn’t exist. We hope to grow the field of VR into areas of our life that give us deeper understanding of the world around us, and in that journey we could really use the company.

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